RAY: Rural Active Youth Job Portal

  • Project №:2018-2-BG01-KA205-048238
RAY - Bulgaria


The current social conditions in Europe and in the project partner countries in particular, are not friendly towards young job seekers who often seek for opportunities in the bigger cities or abroad. This initiative comes from the real need of young people to find appropriate jobs in their local geographically remote areas (not far from where they live). Very often in rural areas young people face geographical, economical and social obstacles are at high risk of social exclusion. The RAY project will contribute to the social inclusion of young people in rural areas by an innovative Job Search Platform for youth which will work as a meeting point between young job seekers and employers from local rural areas. In addition, the project will empower young people through the Cutting-edge Training on job search.

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Eurostat 2014 data on NEETs shows EU rates of 16.5%. Only 7.5% are unemployed persons, i.e. have had a job and are seeking one. 7.8% of the NEETs are totally inactive people, i. e. are not interested in either education or training or in employment.

    By addressing the above problems the partnership is striving to achieve the following:
  • To enhance the capacity of rural youth workers to support NEETs and get them involved in local community life, the training system and/or the labour market.
  • To provide non-formal learning opportunities for people active in youth work from rural areas.
  • To foster quality improvements in the youth work of the participating organizations.
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The European Network for “School on the Cloud”

SoC is an ICT network aiming to explore new dynamic ways to educate. This aligns with the way we think, share, learn and collaborate, across various education sectors, by exploiting the opportunities arising from “Cloud” environments.

The Network consists of 57 Partners, most of whom are leaders in their educational sectors. They represent 18 European countries and include 10 Schools, 21 Universities, Companies, NGOs, National Authorities, Research Centres, Associations and Adult Education providers.

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The Rechance Biz project targets unemployed young people (18-30) and elderly people (+50) who may suffer from other exclusion factors such as gender, migration, poverty or other by addressing their self- employment interests through entrepreneurship initiatives, the skill and knowledge shortage in the entrepreneurship sector, aiming in consequence to prevent the social exclusion phenomena contributing to the sustainable development of local communities.

Rechance Biz aims to examine how each partner country can encourage long term unemployed people to consider self employment as a realistic and viable method to earn an income.

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Logon 2 Education

  • Contract №:LLP-2011-SV-47
Study visit - Cordoba

Logon 2 Education: improving methodology and teaching techniques through ICT

The Logon 2 Education study visit took place in Cordoba, Spain. There were 18 participants from 14 countries. The visit was organised by the Teacher training centre in Cordoba. The activities were all based within the city region.

The aim of the study visit is to generate exchange of experience and good practices between the representatives of the host and the participating countries. Study visits encourage and support political th development and cooperation at European level in the context of lifelong learning.

Study visits is an exciting experience and an important learning tool.

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The partnership project is encouraging equal and reciprocal cooperation among different partner organisations in the field of learning mobility.

    The project is addressing the following issues:
  • unequal positions of EU countries as hosting partners in mobility projects;
  • narrow understanding of benefits and opportunities of mobility for individuals, organisations and community;
  • quality of mobility projects and quality of partner's cooperation in mobility projects.

  • Zavod Za Novodobno Izobraževanje (Slovenia)
  • Earth Leader (Portugal)
  • Circolo Culturale Africa (Italy)
  • Gaziantep Government (Turkey)
  • ILE Berlin, (Germany)
  • Cesvil, (Italy)
  • Iskenderun Teknik ve Endustri Meslek lisesi, (Turkey)
  • Vyara Foundation (Bulgaria)