Established in 2004, Vyara Foundation focuses its activities on providing various types of support, notably regarding access to information and training to disadvantaged individuals and families who have the determination to help themselves and their families, so to secure a better future. Registered in Tryavna, the Foundation operates on the territory of Gabrovo District, where the access and the importance of lifelong learning need additional encouragement and promotion. Informal and independent forms of education are almost unknown, especially among marginalized groups.

    Therefore the objectives of the Foundation are:
  • to support access and encourage the use of modern ICT, educational services and products;
  • to promote the creation, development and implementation of educational technologies and products;
  • to promote economic development and civil society with its institutions and mechanisms for regulation and control;
  • to participate in local community development;
  • to contribute to the strengthening of national identity;
  • to promote health and civic education;
  • to improve the qualification of interested young people;
  • to participate in driving against youth unemployment and unemployment in general;
  • to participate in the process of social assistance to disadvantaged children, young people and families;
  • to support sustainable local economic development;
  • to provide accessibility to Erasmus+;
  • to participate in projects and programs of international, national and regional importance;
  • to cooperate with scientific, educational, professional and other organizations in the country and abroad;
  • to collect and accumulate funds and property to be used to achieve the objectives of the Foundation;
  • to provide material assistance for the education and social adaptation of disabled people;
  • to conduct information campaigns and other activities to promote the aims and activities of the Foundation and its partners in Bulgaria and abroad.

Our trainers and consultants are mostly volunteers, which is one of their most valuable virtues, since volunteering is not popular in Bulgaria. Our team is formed of professionals who work with the desire to change and improve the lifestyle. The Foundation supports a wide network of professionals and consultants with experience in marketing, law, development and implementation of projects and others.

Vyara Foundation has established good relations with local, regional and nationally represented organizations and businesses.

International cooperation: One For You, One For Me-Reciprocal Mobility Exchange, Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships, LLP-2010-LEO-MP-23; Rechance Biz - Raise up Self-employment through Inclusive Entrepreneurship Development, Leonardo Da Vinci Partnerships, LLP-2012-LEO-MP-24; School on Cloud: connecting education to the Cloud for digital citizenship, LLP KA3 Multilateral networks, 543221-LLP-1-2013-1-GR-K3-K3NW; SEEDs among NEETs: Spreading Entrepreneurship and Economic Development among NEETs, Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for youth, 2016-1-BG01-KA205-023497; RAY: Rural Active Youth Job Portal, Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for youth, 2018-2-BG01-KA205-048238; Young GREENtrepreneurs: Innovative approaches in promoting green entrepreneurship among youth, 2021-1-HU01-KA220-YOU-000029114, Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in youth; ScaleUPcycling - Youth competence development on reuse and upcycling 2021-1-CY02 – KA220 – YOU - 000050282, Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in youth.